• Low Cost Student Laptops

    Low Cost Student Laptops

    RecTech supply a wide range of student laptops. 

  • Great Value Family Laptops

    Great Value Family Laptops

    If you’re looking for a great value family laptop, then look no further than RecTech. 

  • Refurbished Laptops for Christmas

    Refurbished Laptops for Christmas

    A refurbished laptop from RecTech makes the perfect Christmas present. 


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Dell Latitude E5440 2.3GHz Ci5 320GB 4GB Widescreen Laptop - 478
Dell Latitude E5440 2.3GHz Ci5 500GB 4GB Laptop - Warranty 11/06/17
Dell Latitude E6230 2.6GHz Ci5 128GB 4GB Widescreen Laptop - 5552
Dell Latitude E6410 2.53GHz Ci5 250GB 4GB Widescreen Laptop - 555
£ 259.98 
Dell Latitude E7240 2.3GHz Ci5 128GB 4GB Widescreen Laptop - 971

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