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Our Products

The majority of products available from RecTech are ex-corporate laptops that are no longer required due to company equipment replacement policies or terms of their servicing and maintenance agreements.

These machines are usually high specification models, and will have been regularly and professionally maintained, having many more years of hard work ahead of them. RecTech’s knowledge, experience and refurbishment skills ensure that all machines are carefully examined, assessed and overhauled.  Their potential is often enhanced by appropriate replacement parts and upgrades.

What Happens To Recycled Machines Before They’re Sold?

Before any of our laptops are made available for sale, they are subjected to a process of preparation and technical checks …

After-Sales Support

To ensure you gain the maximum potential from your refurbished laptop, we are committed to providing after-sales support. Should you need any assistance in setting up your machine when you receive it or have any technical queries about your laptop, please feel free to contact us…

By e-mail:        info@rectech.co.uk