• Low Cost Student Laptops

    Low Cost Student Laptops

    RecTech supply a wide range of student laptops. 

  • Great Value Family Laptops

    Great Value Family Laptops

    If you’re looking for a great value family laptop, then look no further than RecTech. 

  • Refurbished Laptops for Christmas

    Refurbished Laptops for Christmas

    A refurbished laptop from RecTech makes the perfect Christmas present. 


Refurbished Laptop Buying Advice

In choosing a laptop there are a number of factors to consider. Your budget, the size of laptop and what specifications you may require

Difference between laptops and netbooks/notebooks
Laptop are usually heavier and larger than notebooks/netbooks. Laptop tend to have a larger 14” or 15” screen whereas notebooks tend to have smaller screens such as a 12” or even as small as 7”. Laptops will also generally have a built in DVD drive, usually a notebook or netbook wouldn’t have this.

This is the brain of the computer. The processor speed is measured in GHz (Gigahertz), the higher this number the quicker the processor can do calculations.

Dual core processor
this means there are two processors on the one chip, these processors will work faster than a standard processor and will enable much better multi tasking

Memory (RAM)
RAM stands for Random Access Memory, measured in MB (Megabytes) or GB (Gigabytes). The amount of memory in a computer is the next most important factor after the processor in determining the overall speed of the computer

Hard drive
The hard drive is the storage unit, measured in GB or Gigabytes, it is essentially the filing cabinet of the computer. Most modern hard drives have got plenty of storage space for typical; photo’s, music, word processor and spreadsheet documents. If you will be storing a lot of larger files such as movie files you may want to consider a larger hard drive.

Screen can come in different sizes and different ratios.

Screen size
Screens can be as large as 17” and as small as 7”, the majority of screens are between 12” and 15.6”. The size of screen you may wish to choose is personal preference and what feels comfortable to you. The size of the screen has an impact on the overall size and weight of the laptop.

Screen ratio
This can be either 4:3 or 16:9. The more recent laptops are 16:9 ratio or widescreen. This again comes down to personal preference.

The higher the resolution the more pixels are on the screen

All laptops have graphics chips these will determine how the image is displayed on the screen. For many users a standard Intel graphics chip will be fine, for those wanting to use high end games or maybe for 3D CAD work a better specified graphics card may be required

Optical drive
This is the CD or DVD drive, most full size laptops have them built in. There are the following types:

  • CD – Plays CD’s only
  • DVD – Plays CD’s and DVD’s
  • DVD CDRW – Plays DVD and CD’s and records CD’s
  • DVD RW – Plays DVD’s and CD’s and records CD’s and DVD’s
  • Blue-Ray – Plays high definition Blue-Ray movies

Wireless and Connecting to the Internet
To connect to the internet you typically require a router which you may already have and are often supplied by your broadband provider. All the laptops and tablets we sell can connect wirelessly to the internet via a wireless router, the majority also have a LAN port which allows you to connect to your router with a cable.